You have to get her help us.

Are we nearly finished?

Tightly-knit carpets are generally more valuable.

At first read every chapter quickly to get a bird's-eye view of it.

Pria just dumped Manolis.

Are you sure we don't need an appointment?

No matter how old I get, I'll still have the energy to play ping-pong.

We're making good progress.

Noemi lied.

Vidhyanath doesn't want you to know.

Kirk was caught buying cocaine.

Ken goes to school by bus.

Why don't you shut your mouth?

I'm having a very hard time finding a job.

Rajesh was born in Boston and he grew up there.

That has nothing to do with it.

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The child gaped at me as though he were seeing a ghost.

She is a monster.

Varda had a major crush on Glynn.


Tuan is in my class.


It will be a long time before I can buy a house.

His snoring was a deal breaker.

Maria is married with three sons.

Her name is known to everyone.

Did you hear the bell?

Vijay wasn't really paying close attention.

Can you see anyone?


Everything you've heard is true.

I'm sort of busy.

Due to the water shortage, all the flowers in the garden have died.

Sergio entered the conference room, carrying a large cardboard box full of documents.

I can't understand his obsession with basketball.

Novorolsky is present.

Noam will assist Jos.

As for me, I like this better.

You've been here way too long.

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My wife is anything but a good cook.

What's the significance of that?

That the politicians keep their promises.


Just say yes.


I like snow.

He came, despite the heavy snowfall.

I just wish I knew why this keeps happening.

She pulled her sweater on.

There are evidences that at times large wolverines attack wolves.


Leith went back into the house to get an umbrella.

But it looked comfortable.

It depends on the circumstances.

It's high time you spoke up.

He did it in good faith.

Don't try to trick me!

I'm pretty sure Kamel is upset.

Claire is knitting a scarf for Pierre.

The horse was lying on the straw.

Do you wish to speak to me?

The boxer was hit on the chin and went down for the count.

Micheal doesn't know whether Sid is dead or alive.

I should be in Boston before noon tomorrow.

Take care of your nervous system.

Thank you for helping me out.


You need to keep Mongo from fighting.


My brother helped me with my homework.

There are 40 pupils in this class.

You should be in bed.


What time did you get to sleep?


Nathaniel said you knew about it.

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Linda has a lump on his head where he bumped it.

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That's the point.

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Take that off your head.

You will soon get used to Japanese food.

I'd like to have some hot chocolate.

My dog often pretends to be asleep.

Who will take care of the baby?

Therefore, we try to persuade people not to have cash, to have money electronically transferred.

The child's ball fell into the creek.

The tickets are 20 yen each.

Such a man cannot be relied upon.

You're out of touch with reality.

Directly he saw me, he ran away.

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Loyd has had it.


I assume you know who did this.

He sat beside her on her bed.

I met a certain Mr Smith.

Man, you're drunk.

I am able to buy anything in a convenience store.

Janos built this doghouse all by himself.

Help me lift this box.


No music, no life.

I can't understand why Knudsen wouldn't want you to be here.

If you were footing the bill, you wouldn't say that.

There will be improvements.

I don't eat out very often.

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You don't know whether he has a girlfriend?

My brother polished the silver.

We fired guns at the enemy.

I have a friend in Boston.

Forgive your enemy, but remember the name of that bastard.

You may or may not win.

I've done nothing.

School systems have to cope with changing numbers of pupils.

That's what I hope will happen.

The girl bought some lip gloss at the convenience store.

This is my bicycle.

Tony carved his name on a tree with a knife.

She won't even look at the offer.


I admitted that he was right.

I like pretty things.

The Diet will adjourn for three months.

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It appears we have a problem.

You have to share the cake equally.

Why am I doing this?


Glenn took a swig from his bottle of rum.

Niels misses Boston.

He put an announcement in the newspaper.


You should have known better than to trust him.

Charley couldn't get his car insured because he had had six accidents in three years, all of which had been his fault.

It is necessary for you to study harder.

I'm not sneezing as much as I'd expected.

I will take the one that is more expensive.

You're the only one for me starting now.

I'm waiting for my mother.

My nephew is as old as me, and we are in the same class.

He still owes me the answer.


Your innocent act doesn't fool me.


Kyoto is worth visiting once.

Maybe the impulse was working upon her subconscious.

Jakob gave Nikolai a friendly hug.

Follow your own path and let people talk.

What does breakfast include?

Can you make him smile?

I expect him to come at any moment.

The sculptures are of great value.

It stopped snowing an hour ago.

Gregg was dependable.

Vinod needs to do this.

The candles burned down to within an inch of their holders.

I promised to help my brother with his homework.


You sure run fast.


I gave Drew thirty dollars.

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Who isn't writing the text?

Lance read stories to James every night.

You can't ignore him.


He was knocked unconscious.

I asked him for his name.

I carpool with Miles.

The teacher was worried by Roland's frequent absence from class.

There is no one who doesn't want to have good friends.

Come closer in order that you may see the screen better.

They aren't mine.

You're right about that.

They're cold.

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I'll inform him.

People might say I'm old-fashioned, but I think that one shouldn't have sexual relationships before marriage.

You know how to make yourself irresistible.

Vaughn is quite sophisticated.

Would you please look after my dog tomorrow?


I'm looking for people to speak Esperanto with.


You must make room for the television.

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Don't let the price bother you!


The United States had no commercial treaty with Britain.

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Jason thought it was a stupid plan.

Knut brought enough food to feed everyone.

I think I've met her before.

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I can only see what you see.